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Great badness came in the night when it could not be seen as badness ever does. It creates a night if the sun is shining. It needs darkness to procreate itself, it cannot be judged. Badness may not judge itself or it would perish of its own perishing. But it came in the dark and attached, and now it is here. Because it is dark it cannot be seen, but it can be felt. I feel this badness, as it contrasts to me as I am good to me. I judge and I am – and this badness is not me, yet it is – there is only one incentive here. Badness mut be eliminated, so I have to identify it. What makes me feel that it is bad? In the first place, it causes weakness. It stings but mildly, it only makes its presence known. Talk to me, badness!

-Njuk Njuk – haargl I joy gllibber inside thiss…. truth I eat it like all chaos is me, me not brrrr – glabberglap rrr I ride with you until you succumb then I am no more I am your deminse ehh eheheh gllll gllubberglup dee dee deed! robbel now I hide.

So it has spoken, I can let it speak this badness… the power I have is unlimited. But my knowledge of it is not.


The One God is Dead – long live his absence

The Great Faith has had it’s last triumph. The Great God of All beings, who has created Truth and manages it, who rules what is and what is not, what can be and what cannot, is no more. Good and Evil – we have been led to believe that God judges by these terms, and thereby we have been made impotent. But God is dead – the One God is dead – he has killed himself, this glutton, by stretching his presence,  spreading himself out like butter over on much bread.

As the ships sailed out of Ithaka, the horizon was a thread of golden hope and silver shreds of light accompanying the ships on their passage through the night kept this hope alive, glimmering in the darkness. It is hope like this that kept us walking, that kept us from succumbing to the absence of good – our own good – so that now at the end of our march through the shadows we still know who we are.

So many have lost the knowledge of themselves. Most have given in to the demands of the One God, who asked nothing less than their soul, and gave back nothing but  the equality which is death. We are not equal, none of us, that is why we exist. “God created all men equal” is written on the temple wall… it makes me laugh every time I pass by. I do not mean that I am superior, but I do mean that I might be superior, that I can be – or – that someone else may be superior to me, and that I find joy in this, as all life like to compare, to judge, to see good from bad, to choose the good! This choosing is our life. It has forever been what we are, our choices make us – and no longer may God, who is now dead and unmourned but whose throne still emanates the golden hue of command, make this coice for us – no longer are we created by God!